• Solutions for various industries

    Solutions for various industries

    Kaxite has built an extensive customer base globally and products have been widely used in many industries including Oil& Gas, Power Generation, Ship Industry, Pharmaceuticals, Nuclear, Water & Waste, Food & Beverage, Motor Vehicle, Chemical Process, Mining, Metallurgical, Pulp & Paper etc.

  • Rubber Sheet

    ■ Rubber Sheet

    ■ Rubber Sheet Reinforce with Cloth

  • Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

    Ningbo Kaxite Sealing Materials Co., Ltd.

    has been found and conformed according to ISO 9001, As a professional manufacturer and supplier, Kaxite can offer a widely range of sealing raw materials and products,more competitive price, prompt feedback, fast delivery time & keep the order updated. We promise Kaxite Gasket & Seals is your good choice.

Rubber Sheet Products

Rubber Sheet

Kaxite Manufactured all kinds of rubber sheets for your different requirements. The oil-resisting, acid and alkali-resisting, cold and heat-resisting, insulation, etc. We cut the sheets into various gaskets. Welcome to contact with us to ask for quotations for every kinds of Rubber Sheets.

Rubber Sheet Reinforce with Cloth

KaxiteB400C Rubber sheets reinforced with cloth is made from Kaxite-B400 rubber sheets within fabric cloth insertion. Improved the strength and hardness.